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Do you need a roof repair?

Is your roofing looking a bit worn out? Sometimes all that is required is a little economical maintenance. We may be able to save you a great deal of money and extend the life of your roof considerably.
For a fraction of the cost of a new replacement, we can repair and restore your old tired roofing.

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The Cost of Roof Repair Texas

Stripping off old roofing and starting over typically costs about $3 a square foot for basic composition shingles. You may be able to leave an existing single layer and add a second layer on top of it for about $2 a square foot. If you plan to stay in the house for only a few years, this might seem like a smart way to save. But unless you’re so pressed for cash that your only other option is to risk leaks, it’s false economy. The second layer won’t last as long—only about 15 years rather than the standard 20—and you won’t get new flashing or underlayment or the opportunity to upgrade to features that make a roof stronger. Plus, when you go to sell, your re-covered roof will look a little lumpy, and potential buyers may interpret the two layers as a sign that other home improvements were also done on the cheap.

Fixing and Replacing Broken Tiles Texas

Tiles can break or become damaged by extreme weather conditions such as high winds or large hail, improper installation or from being walked on. When working on the roof, work on planks or a roof ladder. If you walk directly on the tiles, they will break.

If your roof starts shedding undamaged tiles for no apparent reason, it could be that the installer used cheap galvanized nails instead of copper or stainless steel. In this case, relaying all the tiles with the proper nails is the only solution.

Some tiles can be repaired with silicon sealant or adhesive.

To replace a tile, pry up the tile just above the broken one. Break the damaged tile into smaller pieces and carefully remove them. Pry out nails. Spread a small amount of roofing cement along the underside of the replacement and slide it into place. For a single tile replacement, just the adhesive will be sufficient. Press all tiles down snugly.